Our Plant

Our plant is located in EL Minya governorate, Samallot City, EL Sararya Vally.

Future planning

The company is expanding in building materials industries based on core business strategies:

  • Being in Minya in a green field industrial area encourages the owner to capitalize on that.
  • Being in Upper Egypt is an opportunity for this area in Egypt will witness a huge development in years to come.
  • The Middle East countries will witness a huge demand of building materials due to under developing countries with huge resources like Libya.

Plant and project's history

Although the production of white cement in Egypt is in access of the consumption, a decision was taken to establish this plant. There were several indications that the Egyptian & Middle East countries consumption will grow. The per capita consumption in Egypt for cement in general & specially white cement is far less than the same rate in other countries like GCC countries, Syria & Turkey. Chinese suppliers were selected to establish this plant. Chinese manufacturing solutions provide similar designs to those well known European supplier but in more cost effective way.

Social interaction between the plant and the community

One of the basic reasons that drove the owners to invest in this area is “ Job Creation “. El Minya governorate is always suffering from rare job opportunities. Based on our expansion plans, in 5 years period, we’ll be creating about 750 direct jobs to locals & about 1000 indirect jobs.